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I have 2 columns, on the left side a team with users, on the right column, will be displayed the users i have selected. so everything its working but i'm trying to implement a new feature as follow:

I have 2 list level like a tree (only 2 levels). When i click on a user, i'm able to select it sending to the right column. Also, when i click (single click) on the first level (team name), the second level (users) appear as toggle jquery function. i need so, when i double click on a team (level 1) all users on that tree turns selected and go to column on the right side.

Also, when i click on the team (first level) on the right side, all the users get removed back.

My code to add the users jquery current is:

$(document).ready(function () {
var maxAllowed = 10000;
var $selectTable = $("#mytable");
var $selectList = $("#selected_users ul")

var getActivated = function () {
    var activated = new Array();
    $selectTable.find('input[type="checkbox"]:checked').closest("li").each(function () {
        var $obj = new Object;
        var currentBox = $(this).find('input[type="checkbox"]');
        $obj.id = currentBox.val();
        $obj.boxid = currentBox.attr("id");
        $obj.name = $(this).find("label").text();

    return activated;

var updateActiveList = function () {
    // Truncate list
    $(getActivated()).each(function () {
        $selectList.append("<li><a href='#' class='remove' data-id='" + this.id + "' data-box-id='" + this.boxid + "'>" + this.name + "</li></a>");

var countActivated = function () {
    return getActivated().length;

$('#view').click(function () {
    allIds = new Array();
    getActivated().each(function () {

$selectList.on("click", "a.remove", function () {
    $('#' + $(this).data("box-id")).prop("checked", false);

$selectTable.on("change", 'input[type="checkbox"]', function (event) {
    if ($(this).is(":checked") && countActivated() > maxAllowed) {
        console.log("max reached!");
        $(this).prop("checked", false);


Here's a jsFiddle with working example:


Thanks all!


Hi, i just added a code to separate single click from double click. So when the user single click, will open the tree. now i need when the user double click on the first level, add both (first level and they're childrens to the right side.

Follow code for single and double clicks:

$(document).ready(function () {
$('#mytable').on('click', '.toggle', function (ul) {
                    //Gets all <tr>'s  of greater depth
    //below element in the table
    var findChildren = function (ul) {
        var depth = ul.data('depth');
        return ul.nextUntil($('ul').filter(function () {
            return $(this).data('depth') <= depth;

    var el = $(this);
    var ul = el.closest('ul'); //Get <tr> parent of toggle button
    var children = findChildren(ul);
    var el=$(this);
    if (alreadyclicked){
        alreadyclicked=false; // reset

        clearTimeout(alreadyclickedTimeout); // prevent this from happening


            alreadyclicked=false; // reset when it happens

    //Remove already collapsed nodes from children so that we don't
    //make them visible. 
    //(Confused? Remove this code and close Item 2, close Item 1 
    //then open Item 1 again, then you will understand)
    var subnodes = children.filter('.expand');
    subnodes.each(function () {
        var subnode = $(this);
        var subnodeChildren = findChildren(subnode);
        children = children.not(subnodeChildren);

    //Change icon and hide/show children
    if (ul.hasClass('collapse')) {
    } else {
    return children;

            // do what needs to happen on single click. 
            // use el instead of $(this) because $(this) is 
            // no longer the element
        },300); // <-- dblclick tolerance here
    return false;

And new jsFiddle is: http://jsfiddle.net/muzkle/LMbV3/8/

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Edited the code to use Single and Double click events on single element. Now i just need to understand how to double click and select the whole tree and send to the right side. –  William Xavier Mar 30 '14 at 22:08
Check my answer –  Zword Mar 31 '14 at 17:32

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To distinguish different groups I am wrapping each group/section in a wrapper div with class .wrapper

<div class="wrapper">

Also I attached a double click event to .wrapper and currently I have made it to alert its inner labels.Just write some additional code to add these labels to the right side like you are currently adding one element on click.Below is the code with jQuery .dblclick() function which attaches a double-click event to .wrapper.


Check this fiddle

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