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just a quick question.

I am using c# Ping class to ping a server.

If I send the ping with a buffer (say 10240 bytes), will the server come back with also the original 10240 bytes?

I ask this because I am measuring the latency between two endpoints, together with the data size (to see how much impact of the data size on the latency in Ping).

If I ping with 10240 bytes, will the server send the reply back with 10240 bytes, or just tell me that it receives, not with 10240 bytes?


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Thanks for answering this, very quickly – Jack Feb 16 '10 at 17:55

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the icmp reply should contain all the data.

Note that when you're sending packets that big - it'll likely get fragmented at the IP layer - and that can typically be expensive. e.g. TCP will try to not send packets that gets fragmented but slice the data up in segments fitting the MTU.

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It will echo all the data. See ping: Message format.

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from rfc 792

" The data received in the echo message must be returned in the echo reply message."

can an icmp packet be 10k? I doubt it

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On success, it must return the entirety of the data. It's also allowed to fail. – Steven Sudit Feb 16 '10 at 18:02

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