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Consider the following simple class:

public class Bean {

    private int i;

    public static <T extends Bean> void o(T t) {


In Eclipse, this just compiles fine. But with javac, i got the following error:

Bean.java:8: error: i has private access in Bean

Is this a bug in Eclipse compiler? And why i cannot access i in this way? If i remove generics, this compiles fine with javac, too.

EDIT: It seems the problem is with m2e (maven eclipse integration). A simple eclipse project does not reproduce this problem. I use m2e 1.4

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What Eclipse version are you on? Kepler doesn't have this issue. –  Sotirios Delimanolis Mar 30 at 21:16
fwiw, eclipse Juno shows a compilation error. Just use a getter here –  RC. Mar 30 at 21:19
Hmm. This is an eclipse maven project (m2e 1.4). A simple eclipse project does not have this issue. –  WonderCsabo Mar 30 at 21:25