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I'm currently making my own level creator(tile map) for a project I'm going to be working on soon. It's all going fine, except I ran into a problem when I added an option to zoom in and out. I have a class that is handling all the input and rendering currently, as I just am getting started.

LevelEditorController extends InputAdapter implements ApplicationListener

As you can see, this class extends InputAdapter and implements ApplicationListener.

cameraHelper = new CameraHelper();
camera = new OrthographicCamera(Constants.VIEWPORT_WIDTH,
camera.position.set(0f, Constants.VIEWPORT_HEIGHT / 2, 1f);
cameraHelper.setPosition(camera.position.x, camera.position.y,

camera is an OrthographicCamera. cameraHelper is a helper class I made. I set the position for the camera here. cameraHelper.setPosition(...) simply sets a Vertice3 in my CameraHelper class.


Above, in the overridden render method, I set the project matrix of my batch and shapeRenderer.

All of this I believe works, as everything is displayed correctly, and only the cursor location is off.

        public boolean mouseMoved(int x, int y) {
            for (int i = 0; i < boundingBoxes.size; i++) {
                if (boundingBoxes.get(i).toRectangle()
                        .contains(x, Gdx.graphics.getHeight() - y)
                        && !boundingBoxes.get(i).isActive()) {
                } else {
            shapeRenderer.setColor(0.53f, 0.62f, 0.32f, 1f);
            shapeRenderer.circle(x, Gdx.graphics.getHeight() - y, 20);
            return false;

Here's where my issue is. In the above method, I simply check if the cursor location intersects one of the grid squares. If it does, I make the grid square "renderFull", which renders a full(filled in) rectangle of a different color. Also in this method, I draw a circle of where the current cursor pointer is. And this is where my problem is. When I run my program, the circle is not where my cursor is. I spent about an hour debugging and trying to come up with some algorithm based on the zoom to correctly align it, but to no avail. Is there a way to get the correct position of my cursor no matter my zoom? And also, this may be an issue I run into, my "world" size(the grid) is about 10000 pixels long. Will the cursor position also move along with this, or will it stay within the actual program's/Jframe's size? And if so, any way I can fix this(I suppose it would be as simple as adding on the camera's position to the cursors position, but just wanted to check just in case. :D) Here are some pictures so you can better understand what the issue is. Zoom at 1

Zoom at... further than 1 Zoom at 10

Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :)

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CabPanel may offer some insight. –  trashgod Mar 31 at 0:22

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You have to unproject the input points into the coordinate system used by your camera.

touchMoved(int x, int y) will simply contain the pixel positions on the screen. By using camera.unproject(Vector3 window) you will get these touch coordinates in your world/scene coordinates.

This way, the touch positions should match. Hope it helps... :)

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Thanks! I should've known. I just did the same thing except in 3d space. My laptop, unfortunately, received water damage. Looks like the hard drive was fried. 😒 –  user2082169 Mar 31 at 14:38
Then I'd definitely recommend backing the projects up on Github, Bitbucket or on your own server for future projects... ;) Glad I could help... –  evident Mar 31 at 16:35
Yeah, I will definitely be keeping backups from now on. πŸ˜… I lost all of my projects, but luckily the only important one had been zipped and uploaded. πŸ˜ƒ I will, however, miss all my notes and personal files I had. I'm going to take this opportunity and start with a new slate.:) –  user2082169 Mar 31 at 23:07

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