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I have an issue with lang/php5(5) FreeBSD 10 port. I need to build it with apache module, but i don't see this option in configure section. It offers only cli, cgi and fpm version, though I strictly remember that I have already built php5 with this module. Both lang/php5 and lang/php55 have this problem. Port collection is fresh (from 31 March). I cannot run my apache without php.

P.S. My installed apache version is 2.4.

lang/php5 port configure screenshot

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Please read /usr/ports/UPDATING: PHP 5.5 Apache module is now a separate port, www/mod_php55 (www/mod_php5 for PHP 5.4) –  julp Mar 30 at 23:43
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You want the new www/mod_php5 port.

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Thank you. Using separate port for a module is unobvious, isn't it? Sorry, I don't have enough reputation to vote you up. –  iwakura Mar 31 at 0:43
@iwakura - whether it's obvious or now, it was documented in /usr/ports/UPDATING, which is always the first place to check when something weird seems to be happening with your ports. –  ghoti Apr 2 at 5:44
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The Apache PHP module has been separated from the main PHP port. If you had the APACHE OPTION selected, you have to perform the following steps:

1) update your lang/php* options (i.e. 'make config') 2) rebuild lang/php* port 3) install www/mod_php* port

It is mandatory to build both ports with the same DEBUG and ZTS options, so if you have a threaded Apache (i.e. worker or event MPM) you have to select the ZTS option in lang/php* port.

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