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Seeing as Oracle has removed the JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver in the latest release of Java (version 8), is there a good alternative that will enable us developers to access ODBC databases in Java 8?

Oracle is apparently recommending that we use vendor-specific JDBC drivers instead of the Bridge, which tells me that Microsoft should have its own JDBC driver for connecting to MS Access databases in Java.


I'm currently looking into whether or not Microsoft has this technology available, but in the meantime, does anyone know if they do or if another alternative is available?

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does anyone know if ... another alternative is available [for Access]?

Yes. UCanAccess is a viable alternative. For more information look here.

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Third-party, enterprise-grade, commercial JDBC-to-ODBC Bridges also exist, including those from my employer. –  TallTed Apr 2 at 16:44

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