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I'm using Vagrant for developing my node apps, I have installed nodemon, mongodb and fwded ports 3000:3000 (for my apps) and 27017:27017 (for MongoDB connection).

If I run

nodemon server.js

And I can access my app on http://localhost:3000, but every time I make a change on my Vm's DB I have to type


For the changes on the DB to take effect on http://localhost:3000

Any idea why this is happening?


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As a workaround, you can try watching the files for change on the host machine and find a way to restart the server remotely: stackoverflow.com/questions/36995590/… – Ates Goral May 3 at 4:31

I have the same problem, There is an open issue for this bug in github (https://github.com/remy/nodemon/issues/146).

With the -L, it work, but it take 3, 4 seconds to restart after a change.

nodemon -L server.js

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This does not really answer the question. If you have a different question, you can ask it by clicking Ask Question. You can also add a bounty to draw more attention to this question once you have enough reputation. – Jonesopolis Apr 2 '14 at 12:23
I know that it's not the best answer, but he use nodemon with vagrant, and nodemon doesn't work properly (with vagrant) if you don't use the -L flag like I said in my answer. For me, if I don't do that, I need to type rs all the time I make change, like Alejandronanez. – Alexandre Apr 2 '14 at 13:06
The -L flag consumed too much CPU for me. – Ates Goral May 3 at 4:30

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