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I need to create some balloons that will contain text messages, similar to what you would see on a BBS or a blog comments area.

I am not looking for a tool-tips widget - There will be several per page and they will always be displayed.

My requirements:

  • Drop shadows, if possible, using images instead of the box-shadow style for compatibility with IE.

  • Visual anchor pin or arrow to point to an origin source.

  • Size-to-fit contents.

  • Can contain markup. I need to have buttons in the balloons.

  • Ideally would be applied via .addClass or similar.

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Check out jQuery qTips

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I don't see an option to have them showing by default (ie. no mouse interaction required) which is what the OP is after. –  sberry Feb 16 '10 at 18:30
@sberry2A..well, you can override the default event for show. if you read the docs you'd see. craigsworks.com/projects/qtip/docs/reference/#show... i.e. event: load for show –  Gabe Feb 16 '10 at 18:40
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