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i have spaced out the sections accordingly but the titles i have are centeredenter image description here

but i would like to have it like this enter image description here

its probably a real simple fix but i dont seem to be able to find it i tried playing with header footer view methods but no go, also the color of it i would like and the outline frame around the section is also what i would like thank you enter image description here

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set tableView section title. –  Vineesh TP Mar 31 at 5:38

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You are on the right track. You need to implement tableView:viewForHeaderInSection:, not tableView:titleForHeaderInSection:. You can thus return the entire view, colored as you like, and with the label positioned inside it as you like. You must also implement tableView:heightForHeaderInSection: because otherwise the table may try to resize your view in a way you don't want.

An easy way to design the view is to make a view .xib file and design it there. You'll probably want to use a UIView subclass so you can access the label inside it later through an outlet. In tableView:viewForHeaderInSection:, load the nib, pull out the view, configure the label, and return the view.

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