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I know I can run Reporting Services on SQL Server Express w/ Advanced Services. The articles I have read do not touch on my question. I'm wondering, in this scenario, can remote users execute reports from the report server remotely using URL access ex:)http://mySQLExpressBox/ReportServer/rptMyReport....... etc - Or will reports only be served if the request comes from the same box/server?

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My memory may be faulty on this, but for SQL Server 2005 you cannot remotely execute reports with Express Edition--only local requests will work. – ewall Feb 16 '10 at 19:31

This is possible -- it works the same way non-express editions work. Were you running into any specific issues when you attempted to do this?

The restriction that ewall was referring to is not a restriction on remotely executed reports, but on remote data sources. The Express edition is limited to local data sources (although you can get around this with Linked Servers). Ex: ClientA can remotely execute http://mySQLExpressBox/ReportServer/rptMyReport but mySQLExpressBox can only retrieve the data for the report from itself.

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