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I installed incredimail yesterday to experiment with something. To my surprise I found out that it was able to pull email accounts from windows live mail including my username and password!! How is it possible for incredimail to do it?

More serious concern is what stops spyware/virus programs to do the same? Is this a big security concern?

I did some research and found that email accounts were stored in .IAF files till outlook 2002 and they are in proprietary format.

Links - Incredimail help site -http://help.incredimail.com/incredimail/help_center/help_article.aspx?is=t&article_id=6 IAF file info - http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/iaf

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Simply put, Incredimail IS spyware.
And why not? It's a plugin, which means it has access to whatever your email client does...

Oh, and spamware too - I keep getting mails from them, just because my mom sent me an email with it a couple years ago... :@

Is it a security concern? Only if you (or anyone you know) installs it...

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