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I am creating an android application. In which I am recognizing the Line(Both vertical & horizontal). I have used the following steps.

1) Creating straight lines gesture file using "Gestures Builder" application. 
2) Added the "gestures" file in my application and used the "OnGesturePerformedListener" to recognize the line.

The problem is,
I can't recognize the vertical lines(Both Top to Bottom & Bottom to Top).

I can recognize the straight lines other than vertical lines. Can anybody know how to get the vertical line detection?

Code snippet:

public class GestureActivity extends Activity implements OnGesturePerformedListener {
    private GestureLibrary mLibrary;

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    GestureOverlayView gestureOverlayView = new GestureOverlayView(this);
    View inflate = getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.activity_gesture,
    mLibrary = GestureLibraries.fromRawResource(this, R.raw.gestures);
    if (!mLibrary.load()) {

public void onGesturePerformed(GestureOverlayView overlay, Gesture gesture) {
    ArrayList<Prediction> predictions = mLibrary.recognize(gesture);
    if (predictions.size() > 0) {
        Prediction prediction = predictions.get(0);
        if (prediction.name.equals("Line") && prediction.score > 1.0) {
            Toast.makeText(this, "Line", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();



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post your code here for solution.... –  Md Abdul Gafur Mar 31 at 6:06
please provide some details. –  G.V Mar 31 at 6:07
@Md Abdul Gafur: Thanks for the response. I have posted my code in the question. –  karthi Mar 31 at 6:38
@G.V : Thanks for the response. I have updated my question –  karthi Mar 31 at 6:38

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Finally I found the solution. The answer is given below.

gestureOverlayView.setGestureStrokeAngleThreshold( 90.0f);

Ref: http://stackoverflow.com/a/22807326/1485254

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