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This is my module. I like to test method load_csv

I referred this example Example Link

and wrote this code. Below is the module Code

require 'csv'

module DummyModule
  class Test
    def load_csv(filename), :row_sep => "\r", :col_sep => "\t")

this is my Rspec

require 'spec_helper'

describe DummyModule do
  let(:data) { "title\tsurname\tfirstname\rtitle2\tsurname2\tfirstname2\r" }
  let(:result) { [["title", "surname", "firstname"], ["title2", "surname2", "firstname2"]] }
  before(:each) do
    @attribute_validator =


  it "should parse file contents and return a result" do
    puts data.inspect
    puts result.inspect
    File.any_instance.stubs(:open).with("filename","rb") { }
    @attribute_validator.load_csv("filename").should eq(result)

class TestAttributeValidator
  include DummyModule

It gives me this error

DummyModule should parse file contents and return a result
 Failure/Error: @attribute_validator.load_csv("filename").should eq(result)
   undefined method `load_csv' for #<TestAttributeValidator:0xd0befd>
 # ./spec/extras/dummy_module_spec.rb:15:in `(root)'

Pls Help

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You probably do not want your

class Test

inside your module definition. Like this the following would work:

@attribute_validator_tester =
@attribute_validator_tester.respond_to? 'load_csv'
=> true

but that is probably not what you intended. Including a module into a class will add all the 'features' of the module (that is all the methods, but also constants, and classes) to the class the module is included in. In your example you added the class Test to the namespace of class TestAttributeValidator and the instances of this class would have the method load_csvyou desire.

Just omit the class definition inside your module and all will be well.

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Your above code fixed my issue. But now I get this error.. You have any idea on this? Failure/Error: @attribute_validator_tester.load_csv("filename").should eq( esult) Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory - filename # ./app/extras/dummy_module.rb:6:in load_csv' # ./spec/extras/dummy_module_spec.rb:15:in (root)' – praga2050 Mar 31 '14 at 13:13
If you used the above "code" (I would rather have called it a clumsy workaround) you have probably not understood the answer. Your code would have worked if you had just removed class Test ... end from your DummyModule. – Patru Mar 31 '14 at 13:31
Ya I removed and it was fine. But I get error when try to test csv file is opened and get the data – praga2050 Mar 31 '14 at 13:40

(Adding another answer as this is really another question)

Googling for Errno::ENOENT leads to this answer, but that should hardly be necessary as the error message is really telling, your file was not found. Since you stubbed for "filename" it should be found if the version of CSV you are using still uses open to open the file (which the current ruby CSV reader seems to do, see the source) then it actually should work.

However depending on your version of ruby the CSV library might add some more options, the version I referenced merges universal_newline: false to the options for open, so your stub would not have all the parameters it expects and forward your call to the "regular" method which does not find your "filename". You should check your exact version of ruby and stub accordingly.

That is probably part of the legacy that comes with such a dynamic language as ruby :-)

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