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I have a long sencha touch list and I am trying desperately to scroll that list into somewhere in the middle on startup.

The function

btnScroll:function() {
    var list = Ext.getCmp("myList");
    var position = 4;

works if I tap the button: scrollBtn.setHandler(btnScroll);, but it does not work in

MyList.constructor:function() {

It just fails without error message. Same goes if I do it in the calling function:

btnOpenList:function() {
    var list = new MyList();;

It works sometimes(!) if I use setTimeout(this.btnScroll,70); instead, but never if I use setTimeout(this.btnScroll,50); or setTimeout(this.btnScroll,120);

I think it happens because the list elements are not rendered/positioned. But I did not find any afterrender event.

So how would I define a scroll position in which the list should start?

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You could do it in painted event. just add to your list or to container that contains all components that u need to bind the painted event.. and then get your list there and add event to btn.. or whatever you want.. by the template:

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I am trying to play around in a fiddle, to demonstrate my problem to you, but I don't even get it how to display the list in the fiddle. – Alexander Apr 2 '14 at 16:57

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