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I have problem to read data from second textbox which is IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT. I only able to display content for first textbox which is IDC_MAIN_INPUT. I have tried various ways to solve but still cannot solve the problem. So far here is my code :

switch (msg)
    case WM_COMMAND:
            switch (LOWORD(wParam))
            case IDC_MAIN_BUTTON:
                char *bufIn, *bufOut;
                int lenIn = GetWindowTextLength(GetDlgItem(hwnd, IDC_MAIN_INPUT));
                int lenOut = GetWindowTextLength(GetDlgItem(hwnd, IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT));
                bufIn = (char*)GlobalAlloc(GPTR, lenIn + 1);
                GetDlgItemText(hwnd, IDC_MAIN_INPUT, bufIn, lenIn + 1);
                bufOut = (char*)GlobalAlloc(GPTR, lenOut + 1);
                GetDlgItemText(hwnd, IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT, bufOut, lenOut + 1);
                MessageBox(NULL, bufIn, "String", NULL);
                MessageBox(NULL, bufOut, "String", NULL);
                //MessageBox(NULL, input, "Title Here", MB_OK);
                mc.application(bufIn, bufOut);
    case WM_CREATE:
    case WM_CLOSE:
    case WM_DESTROY:
        return DefWindowProc(hwnd, msg, wParam, lParam);
    return 0;
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Check if the return value from GetDlgItem(hwnd, IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT) is not NULL. if it's NULL then the IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT control does not exist. –  Michael Walz Mar 31 at 8:03
I have already declared IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT in .h file but still cannot get data from IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT. –  user3479771 Mar 31 at 8:08
what is the relevance of } before the break? –  ray Mar 31 at 8:09
it is a switch inside switch..please read new updated codes –  user3479771 Mar 31 at 8:16
@user3479771: it's not a question if IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT is declared or not (if it wasn't declared, the program wouldn't compile). The question is: does the control IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT exist in your window ? Does as I suggested in my previous comment and check if GetDlgItem(hwnd, IDC_MAIN_OUTPUT) returns NULL. –  Michael Walz Mar 31 at 8:18

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