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I want to highlight the strings in data grid in a WPF application.
In WinForms there is a CellPainting event that helps us in fulfilling this purpose. I am unable to locate anything in WPF.

I want to highlight part of TEXT that is present in a cell, not whole cell.

Any help will be appreciated.

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You Can:

add a DataGridTemplateColumn. In the template place a TextBlock.

Then, OR:

  • insert in your textBlock Run's. Set their Format. And Bind the Run's to your Data:

                    <Run Text="{Binding xx}" Background="Yellow" />
                    <Run Text="{Binding yy}" />
  • set the Content of TextBlock in procedural code, via converter ect. so example:


                <myns:ConvertToFormatedRuns xmlns:myns="clr-namespace:YourProjectName" />
                    <MultiBinding Converter={StaticResource ConvertToFormatedRuns}>
                        <Binding Path="xxx" />
                        <Binding Path="yyy" />


    public class ConvertToFormatedRuns : IMultiValueConverter
        public object Convert(object[] values, Type targetType, object parameter, CultureInfo culture)
            var tb = new TextBlock();
            tb.Inlines.Add(new Run() { Text = (string)values[0], Background = Brushes.Yellow });
            tb.Inlines.Add(new Run() { Text = (string)values[1]});
            return tb;

Comment: you can also Drawning like WinForms, but is Unnecessary and not recommended.

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my requirement is bit complex. will try above procedure to solve it. we can drawing like WinForms, what does that mean ? –  user1816551 Mar 31 at 10:49
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