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I have implemented flurry for my Android application. But sometime the fetchAds method did not return any ads and run into spaceDidFailToReceiveAd. The flurry site said " In case of spaceDidFailToReceiveAd event look for explanation on why it failed. " But i saw nothing in my logcat.

These are my code :

public void onStart() {
    FlurryAgent.onStartSession(this, DHConstant.FLURRY_API_KEY);

protected void onStop() {

and for my fragment : in OnCreateVew method


Sometime it works, sometime not. Did anyone get it before? Thank you.

New edit :

This log came with spaceDidFailToReceiveAd :

04-08 15:56:38.535: I/global(10036): call socket shutdown, tmpsocket=SSL socket over Socket[address=/,port=443,localPort=53329]
04-08 15:56:38.695: D/LearningFragment(10036): spaceDidFailToReceiveAd
04-08 15:56:38.735: I/global(10036): In close() at SocketHttpClientConnection
04-08 15:56:38.745: I/global(10036): call createSocket() return a new socket.
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