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Since I'm prevented from using PHP, I'm using jquery .load to fetch a few external html files into a small contact box. Direct link to demo page

The below code works nicely in Chrome, and in IE using compatibility mode.

<h1 class="hoejrehoved">Kontakt</h1>
<div class="cycle-slideshow"
data-cycle-slides="> div"   >
<div id="loadhovednummer"></div>
<div id="loadadresse"></div>
<div id="loadsekreter"></div>
<div class="example-pager"></div>   

Here's (ALL) the HTML in one of the external files.. I left out header and body and such, as I've read to be the right thing to do, in multiple other posts with .load issues.

<h2 class="skolerolle">Adresse</h2>     
<ul class="hoejreliste">
<li>Karreb&aelig;k skole</li>
<li>Kirkebakken 41</li>
<li>4736 Karreb&aelig;ksminde</li>

The interesting part:

If I load the page in IE, the external result is missing. If I hit refresh, the content is shown. So apparently the external content is cached, but not shown. Do I perhaps need a .show?

Edit: I tried adding .show to each of the 3 loads. Sometimes it works, and at other times it doesn't. Quirky.

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Make a JSFiddle. – René Roth Mar 31 '14 at 9:20
Might be worth trying $(document).ready as this sounds like the document isn't ready to append the data. – Papa Apr 10 '14 at 2:15

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