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How can I (with Javascript) get the new content from a contentEditable DOM element on a page. Would it be as simple as using jQuery in such as way:

$("#content").on("keyup", ".editable", function(e){
  var newText = $(this).text();
  console.log("New text is: "+newText);
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currently what output you are getting? –  jQuery.PHP.JAVA.net Mar 31 at 9:40
I should have done this in JSFiddle to experiment, it was a simple solution: jsfiddle.net/ysLPq –  Stefan Dunn Mar 31 at 9:43
did you get the solution? –  jQuery.PHP.JAVA.net Mar 31 at 9:44

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The solution was simple as I was (admittedly) being lazy and asking on here. Here's my JSFiddle for those in the future to see: http://jsfiddle.net/ysLPq/. See code below:

    $(document).on("keyup", ".editable", function(){
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