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in dirA/SConscript I have:

probeenv = env.Clone()
probeenv['CXXFLAGS'] +=  ['-fno-rtti','-Wnon-virtual-dtor']
... stuff that uses probeenv

in dirB/SConscript I have

sipenv = env.Clone()
... stuff that uses sipenv

Now, c++ files in dirB that gets compiled, gets the CXXFLAGS from dirA - how come ? This does not happen with CCFLAGS. Nor does it happen if I use probeenv['CXXFLAGS'] = ['-fno-rtti','-Wnon-virtual-dtor'] in dirA

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which version of scons are you using? Although I've seen things like this in older versions of scons, more recent versions have much better isolation between environments. –  Andrew Walker Feb 19 '10 at 4:00

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There is dedicated method to append data to various compiler flags:

probenv.Append(CXXFLAGS = ['-fno-rtti','-Wnon-virtual-dtor'])

There is also AppendUnique and AppendENVPath. See the man for description.

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This seems to be a scons bug if CXXFLAGS is not set in "main" SConstruct. The workaround is to simply set it to an empty list there.


env['CXXFLAGS'] = []
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The best way to achieve this is:

env.Prepend(CXXFLAGS = ['-fno-rtti', '-Wnon-virtual-dtor'])

Like this, you don't get an error and you avoid a workaround, because if the CXXFLAGS value is not set, it is created automaticaly.

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