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Is it possible to setup an ASP.NET web application so that when I drop an updated dependent assembly into the BIN directory, the app will recognize it and reload, and begin using the new assembly?

If so, how do I achieve this?

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Update: I just created a simple test app with 2 projetcs...1 web application and 1 class library. The Web Application has a project reference to the Class Library. The Interface is implemented in a class in the Class Library and has a single string property. The web application has one page that shows the value of the implemented property. I then updated the implemented property to use a new value, and copies just the ClassLibrary DLL to the publish web app. I refreshed the browser, and the updated value was displayed. Can this be replied upon? It seems the updated bin reloaded... – ctorx Feb 16 '10 at 21:41
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Yes... as you have surmised, this behavior is already built into ASP.NET. And yes, it is quite reliable.

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