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var orgin = $( ".images > a" ).clone();
$(orgin).prependTo( ".images .thumbnails .slideshow").wrap('<li></li>');

I have tried different methods, but I am trying to clone an element and then wrap it with <li> tags and then prepend it to .slideshow

If I remove .wrap('<li></li>') from the code above, the content is cloned to where I want it but it with the missing code, it doesn't wrap with what I need.

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Try this – Aamir Afridi Mar 31 '14 at 10:41
could you please attach HTML src – Evgeniy Mar 31 '14 at 10:41
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Try wrapping the cloned element before you append it:

$(orgin).wrap('<li></li>').parent().prependTo( ".images .thumbnails .slideshow");

Note the parent() is required as the wrap returns the inner element, and you need to append the li.

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Try this:

$(orgin).wrap('<li></li>').parent().prependTo( ".images .thumbnails .slideshow");

Working Demo

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This will do the trick:

$('<li>'+orgin+'</li>').prependTo( ".images .thumbnails .slideshow");
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Have you tried this?

 $('.images .thumbnails .slideshow').prepend('<li>'+$('.images > a').clone()+'</li>')
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