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My XML looks something like this (read it from file):

  <date month="November" year="2001"/>

I'm trying to edit the year attribute value in the date element, let's say to be "3000". I'm using XmlDocument and XmlReader classes in order to edit this attribute, like this:

XmlDocument xml = new XmlDocument();            
using (XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(xmlPath))

The problem is, that the XmlReader reads the XML like this:

      <date month="November" year="2001"> </date>

Meaning, it adds the closing element to the date element. I'm saving the edited XML later with the Save method.

I need the final XML to be with short tags like the original XML. Is there a way to use the XmlReader without adding the closing element?

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If you are only reading, then you can use reader.IsEmptyElement to check that; but fundamentally they mean the same thing –  Marc Gravell Mar 31 at 10:44
I'm reading, editing and saving. I know they mean the same thing, but i need the edited XML to be with empty element like the original. –  Tom Mar 31 at 10:50

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If the XML file is not very big you could use an XElement to edit it in-place:

XElement xml = XElement.Load("test.xml");
var date = xml.Element("date");
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Is it available in .Net 2.0 ? –  Tom Mar 31 at 11:01
@Tom No, it was added in .NET 3.5 as part of the LINQ Framework. If there is a specific .NET Runtime you have to target then it would be worth adding that as a tag against your question. –  Jamie Keeling Mar 31 at 11:20
I added it, for some reason it was removed. I added it again –  Tom Mar 31 at 11:25

Try this solve your problem. i simply update year attribute, you can change accordingly

    XmlDocument myXmlDocument = new XmlDocument();
        XmlNode node;
        node = myXmlDocument.DocumentElement;

        foreach (XmlNode node1 in node.ChildNodes)
            if (node1.Name == "date")
                node1.Attributes["year"].Value = "2005";
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