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i am developing android application in which i need to play AAC live audio stream coming from Red5 server.
I have successfully decoded the audio stream by using javacv-ffmpeg.
But my problem is how to play the audio from decoded samples.
I have tried by following way

int len = avcodec.avcodec_decode_audio4( audio_c,  samples_frame,  got_frame,  pkt2);
if (len <= 0){
} else {
    if (this.got_frame[0] != 0) {
            long pts = avutil.av_frame_get_best_effort_timestamp(samples_frame);
            int sample_format = samples_frame.format();
                   int planes = avutil.av_sample_fmt_is_planar(sample_format) != 0 ? samples_frame.channels() : 1;
                   int data_size = avutil.av_samples_get_buffer_size((IntPointer)null, audio_c.channels(), samples_frame.nb_samples(), audio_c.sample_fmt(), 1) / planes;

                   if ((samples_buf == null) || (samples_buf.length != planes)) {

                       samples_ptr = new BytePointer[planes];
                       samples_buf = new Buffer[planes];
                           BytePointer ptemp = samples_frame.data(0);
               BytePointer[] temp_ptr = new BytePointer[1];
               temp_ptr[0] = ptemp.capacity(sample_size);
               ByteBuffer btemp = ptemp.asBuffer();
               byte[] buftemp = new byte[sample_size];
               btemp.get(buftemp, 0, buftemp.length);

                           play the buftemp[] with audiotrack.....

But only noise is heard from speakers, is there any processing is need to be done on AVFrame we get from decode_audio4(...) .
The Incoming audio stream is correctly encoded with AAC codec.
Any help, suggestion appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Ya me too facing the same problem,.:( –  ShihabSoft Mar 9 at 15:12

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