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i am receving classfication failures for requests that are deployed on apigee :

    "fault": {
        "faultstring": "Classification failed for host intigral-api-prod.apigee.net",
        "detail": {
            "code": "CLASSIFICATION_FAILED"
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we are having prolems on our organization exculsivley, every thing works when i log in with another organization. – HODEH Apr 3 '14 at 10:14

The CLASSIFICATION_FAILED error usually means that one component of the request path is not correct.

The request path is comprised of:


The scheme is "http" or "https".

The host is the host alias that corresponds to the virtual host. In your case, the host is intigral-api-prod.apigee.net

Given that your as using that host, your API Proxy should be deployed to the environment prod.

So your request path begins with:


Check the following:

(1) The scheme (http, https) is allowed in your API Proxy; that is; it is included in the ProxyEndpoint HTTPProxyConnection VirtualHost list defined in your proxy endpoint.
(2) The API Proxy is deployed to the environment prod.
(3) The proxyBasePath portion matches the ProxyEndpoint HTTPProxyConnection BasePath defined in your proxy endpoint.

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Thanks for the clarification ,am sure that all the three check list that you have mentioned are correct and satisfied on my environment on apigee , the calls sometimes work and sometimes not (and it was working perfectly for 4 months until yesterday ) something is failing in the apigee layer, this is very frustrating . myorganization id is "intigral-api" – HODEH Apr 1 '14 at 5:40

Also check that your proxy is actually deployed in the environment you're accessing. If you've made a mistake in your design/code, it will often undeploy.

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We got the same error for many times because of the proxy is not deployed into the server properly.

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