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I would like to read a video using an external Uri ("https://apps.mysite.fr/videos/catvideo.mp4").
I tried to use the mediaPlayerLaucher but it doesn't work.
What is the best solution to read file .I don't want to download the video and then read it on my device.
I want read it while I'm downloading it. (streaming)
Thank you.

public  static void ReadVideo(string UrlVideo)

            MediaPlayerLauncher mediaPlayerLauncher = new MediaPlayerLauncher();

            mediaPlayerLauncher.Media = new Uri(UrlVideo, UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute);
            mediaPlayerLauncher.Location = MediaLocationType.Data;
            mediaPlayerLauncher.Controls = MediaPlaybackControls.Pause | MediaPlaybackControls.Stop;
            mediaPlayerLauncher.Orientation = MediaPlayerOrientation.Landscape;


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Please I really need help ... –  Paul Martinez Apr 1 at 9:22
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