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I know that it's not maybe proper place to ask something like this but who knows. Maybe someone had a similar problem and will be able to help me. I'd like to read a temperature from LakeShore Temperature Controller Model 331S with python code. Here is my code:

import serial
import time

port4 = serial.Serial(0, baudrate=1200, timeout=2000, parity=serial.PARITY_ODD, bytesize=7,stopbits=1, writeTimeout=5)
port4.write('CRDG?' + '\r\n')
out4 = port4.readline()
print out4

After sending '*IDN?' command everything works as it should, but after 'KRDG?' or 'CRDG?' it shows that in a lab we've got an excellent vaccum. Those command are taken from LakeShore instruction. Does anyone can help me?

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What exactly is the problem? –  Jonathon Reinhart Mar 31 at 12:30
I was just wondering if anyone has been using this LakeShore and maybe is able to tell mi what am I doing wrong. I've heard that not all command in instructions are correct, so maybe this time is the same. CRDG should give me temperutre in Celsius and KRDG in Kelvin but CRDG returns "-273.14" and KRDG "0" –  Maq92 Mar 31 at 16:10
Sounds like it is not getting a reading from its sensor. Those sounds like default or "error" values. –  Shane Wealti Mar 31 at 21:24
So do You think that it's a sensor problem not my code? –  Maq92 Apr 1 at 8:25
It was an equipement problem not code. Thanks everyone for help ;) –  Maq92 Apr 1 at 12:09