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I tried googling and searching StackOverFlow, but I'm not seeing an clear answer to this. How can I see the IL code that my C# gets compiled into? I want to compare two methods to see if they produce the same IL. I saw a really great video once of this guy looking at the IL code, but I forget what tools he used to look at it. I seem to remember the one had a tree-view where he could look around at the different objects in memory. I know he wasn't using Visual Studio.

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IL Disassembler –  Habib Mar 31 at 12:29
The CLR (Common Language Runtime) is the runtime. What you're talking about is CIL (Common Intermediate Language), formerly known as MSIL. –  CodesInChaos Mar 31 at 12:41

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You can use ILDASM (Intermediate language disassembler).

Other tools like .NET Reflector, dotPeek, JustDecompile or ILSpy can also show the IL code, in addition to showing it in C#, Visual Basic .NET and/or other languages.

LINQPad can also show the IL of your code snippets, but not the IL of arbitrary assemblies.

EDIT: actually dotPeek only shows C# code, not IL

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ILDASM was the exact tool I saw in the video. Thank you! –  Simon The Cat Mar 31 at 12:51

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