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I'm trying to streamline some property reading by converting flat property files to deeper YAML files, with hierarchies.

Here is an example of the flat properties

build.AwkwardOx.label= Awkward Ox
build.AwkwardOx.path = /path/to/ox/build/
build.AwkwardOx.version = 1.2
build.ObsessiveAardvark.label= Obsessive Aardvark
build.ObsessiveAardvark.path = /path/to/aardvark/build/
build.ObsessiveAardvark.version =

I've found two examples online that are quite helpful, here and here

And this is the sort of structure I think the YAML file should have:

    - Name: Ox
      Label: Awkward Ox
      Path: /path/to/ox/build/
      version: 1.2
    - Name: Aardvark
      Label: Obsessive Aardvark
      Path: /path/to/aardvark/build/

Then I can load them into this sort of class

public final class Builds { 
    private String version;
    private List< String > build;
    private Map< String, String > BuildDetails;
    //setters & getters

I want to populate a JComboBox with the list of Builds (Ox,Aardvark etc) and then the program can grab all the extra details to use inside the program.

So the pseudo code would be:

Build config = yaml.loadAs(in,Build.class);
JComboBox buildCombo = config.get("build"); //gets the names from the list
String Version = config.get("BuildDetails").get(buildCombo.getSelectedItem()).get("Version")

However in the first link all the 'properties' have an exact mapping from the yaml file, and variable name in Java. So how can I select the 'sub' details (version, path etc) from the build AND access just the list of build names for the JComboBox.

I feel I've missed something crucial between looking at both links and proto-typing in pseudo-code.

What do I need to do?

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