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I have a chrome extension and I want to use the chrome.runtime.connect functionality to create a connection between my pageAction and the background page. I got stuck while trying to register a listener for the incoming messages.

My question is that I am looking for a working example of exchanging messages over a connection in chrome.dart.

I started by listening for newly created connections. chrome.runtime.OnConnect is an event stream, so I can just listen.

chrome.runtime.onConnect.listen((chrome.Port p) {

Now, the Port instances have an accessor p.onMessage, which is a chrome.ChromeEvent object. ChromeEvent instances provide a method with the following signature Future addListener().

I tried messing around with the p.onMessage and also the value returned from the future returned after calling p.onMessage.addListener, but I got nowhere. I have no idea what to put instead of the three dots.

The only thing that works for me is looking into the JavaScript API documentation and emulateing with dart:js what they do there.

p.onMessage.jsProxy.callMethod('addListener', [listener]);

while of course having previously defined the listener function as

listener(message, s) {
  print('message: $message');
  print('message.runtimeType: ${message.runtimeType}');
  print('s: $s');
  print('s.runtimeType: ${s.runtimeType}');

I believe that the automatic API generation for Dart somehow messed up the API here.

There is actually a bug for this, https://github.com/dart-gde/chrome.dart/issues/135

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I'm stuck here too. I can register a listener but when I actually receive a message somewhere inside chrome scripts an exception is thrown. When I try to debug the exception is not thrown but the callback still doesn't get called. (github.com/dart-gde/chrome.dart/issues/135, similar but uses runtime.onMessage github.com/dart-gde/chrome.dart/issues/150, github.com/dart-gde/chrome.dart/issues/163) –  Günter Zöchbauer Mar 31 at 12:56
It helps to switch on "Pause on exceptions." and "Pause on caught exceptions" in the Dev Tools. My problem was that I originally had only one argument in my listener function and it was silently crashing on that. –  user7610 Mar 31 at 13:02
Great, that works for me too! I can now send and receive on a port. I have yet to find out how to respond to a port message. –  Günter Zöchbauer Mar 31 at 13:20
Really? You wrote in a comment under stackoverflow.com/questions/22114022/… that Draško's workaround works for you. –  user7610 Mar 31 at 13:37
That question was about runtime.onMessage, I have that working already, but I wasn't able to get port.onMessage working this way. –  Günter Zöchbauer Mar 31 at 13:56

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