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i have a problem with my google glass. When i connect it to my laptop i can't see all the folders that should be there. Normally when you connect an android device all the folders appear in your lapton.

The only two folders that appear are : "DCIM" & "Pictures". There should be other folders as well when i connect it to a PC.

Moreover, when i connect the google glass to my laptop via cmd, i do ls, and all my folders are there.

Does anyone has any idea?

thanks, daniel

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is about general Glass support rather than programming. glass-community.com is a better fit for this question. –  Zach Johnson Mar 31 at 22:16
Hi guy! Can you tell me how do you see file syste through cmd (what commands do you use? I can't see it T_T –  Bae Apr 8 at 8:42

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