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I have specific task of having jquery and custom javascript inserted in DOM of existing page.

JQuery is inserted right before my script, and in mine script im using window['my$'] = jQuery.noConflict(true);.

This worked great when plugins were modified to bind on 'my$' version of jquery, without any conflict. Of course i had to modify plugins manually.

Problem came up when i had to bind jQuery mobile to my jQuery version. I tried 3 approaches and none of them worked correctly:

  1. wrapping up whole jquery mobile into function, and inside function $ and jQuery are declared as my$ variable:

    var jQuery = my$;
    var $ = my$
  2. i tried preserving original jQuery

    $_old = $;
    $ = my$;
    jQuery = my$;
    //code for adding jquery mobile
    jQuery = $_old;
    $ = $_old;
  3. Replacing all jQuery in jQuery mobile with my$

Any elegant solution for this problem?

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