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I mean like in file managers, when you would click, drag the mouse, creating a rectangle selection and after the mouse released selection is created?

I could do that like this (pseude-code like):


if isGestureStarted:
   changeRectangle(event.getX, event.getY)


But I thought that it's pretty common behavior and maybe it's already in framework.


I was trying to do zoomable linechart. And I actually came across library to do that. It's pretty good, but could be better though. Right now I'm considering the actual worth of javaFX in our web project, because I don't like how such thing as zoomable chart is not in the library. Probably would be better with javascript (except I should learn it first, but It shouldn't be that hard).

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Your question asks "Is there any implementation of rectangle selection in JavaFX?"

The answer is "yes".

SceneBuilder implements drag-select functionality.

SceneBuilder is open source, so take a look through the source if you are interested on how this behaviour is achieved in JavaFX by SceneBuilder.

SceneBuilderKit is the framework from which SceneBuilder is derived, its source is at the link I provided.

From the SceneBuilder release notes:

JavaFX Scene Builder Kit is an API that allows the integration of Scene Builder panels and functionalities directly into the GUI of a larger application, or a Java IDE, such as NetBeans, IntelliJ, and Eclipse.

where is documentation?

From the release notes:

The file, which contains an API javadoc for the JavaFX Scene Builder Kit. You can download the zip file from

The file, which contains the SceneBuilderHello sample application that shows a minimal Java source code example of how the Scene Builder Kit API can be used. This sample is delivered as a NetBeans project. It can be downloaded from

Perhaps after you investigate, SceneBuilder and SceneBuilderKit might not be what you are looking for. In which case, edit your question to make it more explicit and perhaps include source for your rectangle selection implementation attempt and more detail on your requirements (what you intending to select, an image showing how the feature works, etc).

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I'm not interested in how it implements this functionality. I'm interested if this functionality is exists already in some framework/library. – user1685095 Mar 31 '14 at 17:05
SceneBuilderKit is a framework, its source is at the link I provided. – jewelsea Mar 31 '14 at 17:09
If this is a library where is documentation for it? We seem to not understand each other. – user1685095 Mar 31 '14 at 17:12
I don't see any framework here. JavaFX is a framework. This is some opensource version of JavaFxSceneBuilder app and some internal code for this app. If this is a library, where is documentation? And usage examples? – user1685095 Mar 31 '14 at 17:15

You would probably need to make your own implementation for this. I found your pseudo code is quiet good. If you like to select for any component then you need to first create a simple rectangular boundary which is easily possible by your pseudo code.

Now for finding out either your node is inside that boundary then you need to do iteration of all the nodes/children of certain Parent Object by using this function: Node Intersect check

I would suggest to use that function after the onMouseReleased or if you like to see things in realtime then it is preferable in onMouseMoved

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yes, in jfxtras-labs project:

MouseControlUtil.addSelectionRectangleGesture(Parent root, Rectangle rect)

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