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I am building a log-in system which uses three tables in a mysql database (PHP) called users, sessions and log-ins. All tables have an auto-increment index. After a successful log-in happens, the user row is linked to a session row via the values stored in a new log-in row. I am wondering if mysqli_insert_id() is safe to use in this process. I am worried that if there is an error during the session row INSERT, the log-in row will receive an incorrect session index number and the user will get logged into the wrong session.

is this going to be a problem? If so, is there a good way to handle it?

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How do you think such an error might occur? You can check that the insert has worked. –  Popnoodles Mar 31 at 13:57
If you're worried about data consistency use TRANSACTIONs. mysql_insert_id is safe to use for each PHP run. –  Halcyon Mar 31 at 13:57
If you're worried about this problem, you should not be using mysqli directly. Instead, use a development framework or an ORM like Doctrine or Propel to handle this for you reliably. –  tadman Mar 31 at 14:47
@Quentin mysqli obsolete? –  Sakhal Turkaystan Mar 31 at 14:52
@SakhalTurkaystan — Look at the edit history on the question. It was changed to mysql 30 minutes after I made the comment. –  Quentin Mar 31 at 15:06

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That method will produce reliable results if:

  • The last INSERT operation succeeded.
  • The result is checked immediately after the INSERT succeeded on the same database connection.

Most of the time it will be sufficient to call INSERT and then fetch the ID of what was inserted as the next operation so long as you're using the same database handle.

A framework will do all of this for you automatically, so it's usually not something you should be concerned with.

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it's better if you use triggers

trigger will do a query when you trigger another

see this tutorial

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Would it be a good idea to create a trigger that returns the row that was just created? Or create several triggers that completely update the database when a user logs in? –  Hoytman Mar 31 at 14:26
Triggers are a massive pain in the ass for something simple like this, plus don't solve the problem of retrieving the ID of the last row inserted. –  tadman Mar 31 at 14:48
yes you can create several triggers to update several tables as you want .. so when user logs in you just insert in your logs table and triggers will do the rest for you –  Mohamed Melouk Apr 1 at 21:04

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