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First of all, sincere apologies for asking an off-topic question. I desperately need a programmer-to-programmer help, so thought of posting here.

I was a professional programmer for about 10 years, focusing mainly on Microsoft technologies. I was doing pretty well in my job till I got promotion 2 years ago. As my new role, I was supposed to do "people-management-cum-technical-lead" for a team having 10+ members.

I had never done any people management or technical leadership roles earlier, neither I got any training or time to prepare for it. My boss got sacked and I was literally put on his role suddenly.

It's been 2 years since then and I feel really trapped. I am not a great people's manager as I keep to myself. I enjoy doing a lot of techie stuff but hardly get any time for it due to so many admin-type of tasks. I only get to do some code-review and that too in varied technologies (C#, but also C++ and Java - that I haven't done any proper programming before).

With the lapse of time, I am feeling getting out-dated and am loosing confidence in coding even simple things or discussing technical stuff.

Could you please suggest some ways to bring back my focus and confidence on technical stuff? Many thanks and again apologies for ranting out here :(

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Apologies Ken & Samy, I will ask elsewhere too. But, I think asking here will give me more relevant answers (programmer to programmer). I hope some programmer who faced similar things can enlighten how to overcome this. –  user3481416 Mar 31 at 14:29
@user3481416 this site really is for programming questions so the question will be closed here. try the sister site i indicated above :) –  samy Mar 31 at 14:42
My manager is kinda techie, he doesn't like the bureaucrat job. Try to keep techie by delegating management to other person, but make that person report all to you...... like a Coordinator. That way you only manage Coordinator and the rest of the team in a more relaxed way and you will have more time to focus on programming –  Jorge Mar 31 at 23:03

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Get a new job. Seriously. Don't be afraid to get a new start. Don't try to prepare for it, just find your courage and do it ;).

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