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I have a rotating css animation that stops when the page is scrolled. I tried enabling the hardware acceleration but without luck.

This doesn't work while the page is scrolled

-webkit-animation: rotating 5s linear infinite;
-webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d;
-webkit-transform: translateZ(0);
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In short: You can't. It's a feature, not a bug. iOS Safari stops ALL JS and animation on scroll to conserve battery life (try scrolling a page of animated gifs, for instance).

I've heard you can use hammer.js to make every scroll a touch interaction, which would mean no such caveats. However, it will suck batteries. Hard.

Here's more: http://eightmedia.github.io/hammer.js/

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any idea if iscrolljs.com would help. hammer looks like it's to much for what I need. –  orbitory Apr 1 at 15:02
I wouldn't know, but if it does, please let us know :) –  CrowChick Apr 2 at 17:49
Off course I will :). Currently on a dif project –  orbitory Apr 3 at 19:03
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