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the last 5 days I fall into despair. I am forced to use an ajax interface for getting usernames in an autocomplete input. This works fine but I also want to add some user-avatars. Adding an avatar-image to autocomplete search results works fine too but only by typing avatar-path directly without ajax response to _renderItem() like

//see complete code below
var inner_html = '<img src="img/avatar-123.png" /><span>' + item.label + '</span>';

I want to manipulate the first ajax JSON-result:

            {"data":[{"label": "Simon",
                    "value":{   "shareType":0,

in something like this:

{"data":[{  "label": "Simon",
                    "value":{   "shareType":0,

But adding a new avatar-Object to the json-Object don't work :( Do you have any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    minLength: 2,
    focus : function(event, focused) {
    source: function(search, response) {
            //get usernames
            $.get(OC.filePath('core', 'ajax', 'share.php'), {
                fetch : 'getShareWith',
                search : search.term
        /*example result: 
        {"data":[{  "label": "Simon",
                    "value":{   "shareType":0,

         //result of first ajax goes in the next round
        ).then(function(content) {

            $.each(content.data, function(i, item) {
                //get avatars for usernames
                $.get(OC.filePath('ownchat', 'ajax', 'get_avatar.php'), {
                    username: content.data[i].label
                }, function(img) {
                //firebug says everthing is working till here 

                    //now I want to add a new avatar-Object to the json-Object
                    content.data[i].value.avatar = img;

            //the following code-result is empty
            //but calling
                //      response(content.data);
                //  },2000);
            //in place of the following line, it works sometimes 


    manipulate search result 
    response: function (e, ui) {

        This do not work too :(

        for(i in ui.content) {
            $.get(OC.filePath('ownchat', 'ajax', 'get_avatar.php'), {
                user_id: ui.content[i].label
            }, function(img) {
                ui.content[i].avatar.push = { avatar: img };
}).data("ui-autocomplete")._renderItem = function (ul, item) {
    var inner_html = '<img src="'+ item.value.avatar +'" /><span>' + item.label + '</span>';

    return $("<li></li>")
            .data("item.autocomplete", item)

Sorry for the long text but I hope you can help.

Greetings André

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Once i also needed this type of requirement in which username and picture was needed to show, after trying alot, what i came up was build my own custom autocomplete, and it works great i reuse it whenever it is required, you can see it here:


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Thanks! I will compare yours with mine ;) (In the last hour I wrote my own custom autocomplete and it works fine but it's a bit tricky because of the two ajax responses...) Maybe someone knows a way with autocomplete() even so? –  user3287051 Mar 31 '14 at 18:44

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