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I've used DoubleClick Studio a few times to serve ads on webpages. These are almost always Flash .swf with an animated .gif fallback. A client has just asked me what formats I can offer for mobile browsers.

From most of my research, it seems that its still Flash that is the wrapper: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/190666?hl=en#ts=3113066,3135882

Which made me think about Google Web Designer - but a note to the Google Customer support team even said:

"I wouldn't advise you to use Google Web Designer as authoring tool for mobile ads, so if going for these kind of ads you'll have to develop the ads from scratch."

So what options am I left with? I don't have an active account of DoubleClick or I'd upload a few different formats and see what works. Does "from scratch" mean I create a single HTML page with JavaScript and upload it?

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