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I'm currently working on a InstantMessenger which shall be as secure as possible. My main idea is to build up from the TextSecureV2 Protocol which is based on the OTR protocol. In order to improve security I want the user to be able to create his own server for his own groups (for example a class could make their server, or things like that...).
I will make my own server to something like a "root CA" to create certificates for other servers, but i don't know how the registering of a new user's server works. Because if he would just send me his public key plain, a man-in-the-middle would be able to swap it with his own key and send the user's server a validation message (the protocol itself is of course public). So my question is how I can be sure that the user's server which gives me a public key, is really the one it seems to be? Does he have to come physically to me?

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