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I am using:

win = window.open(windowURL, windowName);

to open a new tab to display image pages in a landscape photography site.

The image pages are available by clicking on links available in several different parts of the site. In order to prevent a proliferation of tabs I am using the same windowName each time an image page is requested. This way the existing tab is re-used. Everything works as required.

However, I have found that in Opera 20 (in default configuration), if the user uses Speed Dial to load up their own page (not from my site) into the tab, then any subsequent requests for a page from my site (into the same tab) fail. There is no warning to the user and no error in the javascript console The page just does not load, presumably due to the browser giving priority to the Speed Dial page.

I am looking for a way to work around this. I can’t use a different window name for my own pages because I am also accessing it elsewhere in another script. The ideal scenario would be for me to re-name the existing window once it no longer contained content from my site.

win.name = “new windowName”; 

This would preserve the users own page and allow my site to continue with the original name. However understandably, as far as I can tell, this can’t be accessed once a page external to my site occupies the tab.


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