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I am fairly new to using SSRS and I would like to create a report that automatically prints to a specified printer when the report is generated.

I found this question on SO and it mentions writing code in the Business Intelligence Development Studio that can "fire off" a print job. How might I do that?


Forgot the URL of the thread in question. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/480723/automatically-print-ssrs-report

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A quick google reveals many hits on "Print SSRS Report" using vb.net or c# etc – TFD Feb 16 '10 at 21:58
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As TFD commented google will get you lots of responses.

From my experience there are 2 ways to "automatically" print a report.

  • If it will be on demand from your code then you will have to code the rendering and send that to the printer yourself. There are lots of ways/variations to do this, again google will give you more specifics.
  • You can also write a custom extension to do the printing. There are samples of this in the SSRS sample code as part of the SSRS server install. This would do the printing "server side".
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