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I have an external data source, which will return a string indicating the name of a Grails service to use.

What's the syntax to get an instance of this service programatically given the name of the service as a String?

ie. given 'GoogleWeather', give me an instance of GoogleWeatherService.


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The Grails documentation describes a way to get a service when in a servlet. This might be useful, if you can obtain the same objects in your context:

ApplicationContext ctx = (ApplicationContext)ApplicationHolder.getApplication().getMainContext();
CountryServiceInt service = (CountryServiceInt) ctx.getBean("countryService");
String str = service.sayHello(request.getParameter.("name"));    
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That's exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks –  Thody Feb 16 '10 at 22:04
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Since ApplicationHolder has been deprecated, this is another way to get the ApplicationContext:

ApplicationContext ctx = Holders.grailsApplication.mainContext 
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