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I'm trying to match a string containing a single backslash using a regular expression. For example,

x <- getURL("")

x now contains the contents of a webpage, which include many single backslashes. For example, right near the start of this string we have lang=\"en\". Now suppose I want to match this with a regular expression function, such as grep. However,

> grep("lang=\\", x)
Error in grep("lang=\\", x) : 
  invalid regular expression, reason 'Trailing backslash'


> grep("lang=\\\\", x)

And using three backslashes doesn't work either, as R will see grep("lang=\\\", x) as an incomplete clause.

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I believe you want to use fixed = TRUE so that the backslash is interpreted literally:

grep("lang=\\", x, fixed = TRUE)

However in the example you provide this still returns integer(0). The reason is that the \ you see in the printed x value are escape characters themselves. Try searching for 'lang="' instead note the escaped quotation:

grep("lang=\"", x, fixed = TRUE)
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