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in my Flex App, I have a 2-dimensional Array, something like this:

arr[0][0] = "11";
arr[0][1] = "12";

arr[1][0] = "21";
arr[1][1] = "22";

I'm sending this array to my webservice:


I'm checking the result of the function (which is as string) with an Alert.

Now to my problem: PHP somehow does not recognize the array properly.

To see whats arriving at PHP I've implemented this:

            return "this can't be true";
            return "no 3 dimensions";
        return "no 2 dimensions";
    return "no array";

Now guess what! My Alert shows me "this can't be true", which means that arr[0][0] is recognized as an array and not as "11", which it should.

Anyone has an idea what this is about? Its AMFPHP 1.9 and Flex 3

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Forget it.. The problem was based somewhere else.. I got the values for my array from a dictionary, and although they were strings you seem to have to convert them with ".toString()" again when sending them to amfphp. Otherwise they will not be recognized as strings. –  Thomas Feb 17 '10 at 0:09

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You could have used print_r() to display the structure or $arr. Most convenient way to find such problems - after using a proper debugger.

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thx 4 the tip dude –  Thomas Feb 18 '10 at 1:38

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