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I am playing with A database which works using Entity Framework. It works when I connect via ADO.Net

When I connect via TDUnit, it fails, saying that tableName is not valid.

In config.xml I have tried putting table name "schemaName.tableName" or name="tableName" to no avail.

My connection string runs as this : connectionString="data source=machineName;Inital Catalog=DbName;integratd security=True....

Any ideas ?

Thank you

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I've found the solution : TD unit does not understand schema.tableName in XML.

When bulding the queries, it issued the following sql : insert into [SchemaName.Table] ... which of course is incorrect.

I used the following workaround : Defined the schema as default for the connected user Removed the schema name from my xml file.

This is a temporary solution since if I need to load tables contained in two schemas, I'm stuck. I'll contact the author of the TDUnit, in case I missed something...

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