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I am moving what looks like a pretty simple php/MSQL app from a Windows IIS server to a Cpanel/ Apache server. The app works fine on existing IIS/MySQL server using this format to connect:


    class Connection {
        var $conn;
        var $user = 'XX0000XX_XXadmXX';
        var $pass = 'XXXpasswordXXXX';
        var $dbname = 'XXckbXXX_XXX13XX';
        var $host = ''; 
     function Connection() {
        $this->conn = mysql_connect($this->host, $this->user, $this->pass);
        mysql_select_db($this->dbname,$this->conn) or die( "db-connect".      mysql_error());

    function closedb() {
      //mysql_close(($this->host, $this->user, $this->pass ) or die( "db-close". mysql_error() );
     mysql_close($this->conn)or die( "db-close". mysql_error() );

I imported the DB into CPANEL/MySQL using PhpMyAdmin. 1st test failed due to $host not accepting IP address value. After changing IP to localhost - tested the connection with a DB connection script and that passed. The error is that at I can connect with the same username and PW as Windows server. But after logging in any link I click in the admin kicks me out.

Any clues would be helpful - let me know if I can provide any information that would help. I am thinking that there may be a windows specific change that needs to happen or something to do with the the DB host.

Here are some values in a settings file - before the Ip addresses were set with domain name - set with IP to test:

    define('ADMIN_MANAGEMENT', "sitename");
define('FROM_NAME', "Admin");
define('SITE', "sitename");
define('SITE_NAME', "");
define('ADMIN_ID', "dwayne@fair.com");
define('KEYWORD', "sitename");
define('SITEIMGPATH', "");
define('ITEMS_PER_PAGE', "15");
define('PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE', "5");
define('UPLOAD_FILES', "uploads/files/");
define('UPLOAD_IMAGES', "uploads/images/");
define('PROFILENAME', "Welcome to domain.com");

/*Live path*/
define("ROOT", "http://" . $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"] . "/admin/");
define("ROOTS", "http://" . $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"] . "/admin/");
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Not sure if you have your real credentials in there, but be careful when posting an in development. –  Idris Mar 31 at 19:05
Well this sounds like those credentials simply have no right to connect. Did you setup the permissions for that user correctly inside the MySQL server and did you load them afterwards? Note that different permission rules may be defined for different connection scenarios in MySQL. –  arkascha Mar 31 at 19:06

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