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i try to extract video ID from youtube using Regex.Match, for example I have and i want to extract only 3lqexxxCoDo.

    Dim link_vids As Match = Regex.Match(url_comments.Text, "*?)$")

    url_v = link_vids.Value.ToString

how i can extract video id ?, thanks !

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You can use HttpUtility.ParseQueryString() in .NET to just grab the v query string value without messing with Regex. Something like HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(queryString)("v") Ref: – mafafu Mar 31 '14 at 19:31

you can basically replace "" with "" using "String.Replace"
MSDN String.Replace

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Finally got the solution

Dim Str() As String
        Str = url_comments.Text.Split("=")
        url_v = Str(1)
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