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I installed VB 6 in my machine.

  1. Whenever I open VB 6 editor, it is asking for a "Dell Resource" CD

  2. When I open VB 6 Project. It gives me errors saying SVGControl.dll could not be loaded - Googling tells that Adobe SVG viewer needs to be present. But installing that does not solve the problem. This dll is in System 32 but when i register, it throws a LoadError.

  3. Another error saying crystl32.dll could not be found. I installed Crystl32.exe from VB installer. But that was not sucessful. It shows error like "Ordinal 1132 could not be located in DLL CRPE32.dll". Also, copying this dll to system 32 and registering it throws LoadError.

Please guide me to solve these errors.

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What OS are you using? If Vista/Win7 uninstall and rerun the install "As Administrator"

Possible fix for the crystl32 error

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I am using Windows XP –  Seshan Feb 17 '10 at 16:51
Dell CD: forums.comodo.com/empty-t15480.0.html;topicseen –  jasonk Feb 17 '10 at 22:03
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I installed VB6 on a machine without .NET. The Crystl32.exe installation was successful. Now the error 1 is solved.

However when i open a VB 6 project I get the following errors: 1. SVGControl cannot be loaded 2. Crst32.ocx cannot be loaded

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