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Say I have guid:


I only want to convert the last part (4234F5AC512C) to a long in c#.

Thanks in advanced!

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Well no, I'm not trying to generate a random number, I have entities whose ID are only GUIDs and they need to go through a process that requires numeric-only ID and up to 15 characters (don't ask me, I didn't design any of it, I'm just filling the gap) –  giordano261 Mar 31 at 19:41
@giordano261 what will you do if two entities have different GUIDs but the last segment is the same? –  D Stanley Mar 31 at 19:43
@D Stanley Luckily, the table where this data is coming from isn't expected to ever be any more than some 500 records, so this shouldn't be an issue. –  giordano261 Apr 1 at 15:07

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Getting the last part of the string and then using the Convert.ToInt64 with the overload that accepts the base 16 for the conversion.

Guid g = new Guid("57F67098-00A9-4F78-A729-4234F5AC512C");
int pos = g.ToString().LastIndexOf('-');
string part = g.ToString().Substring(pos+1);
long result = Convert.ToInt64(part, 16);
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That's a hex (base 16) value. You can convert it this way Convert.ToInt64("4234F5AC512C", 16).


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long result = BitConverter.ToInt64(yourGuid.ToByteArray(), 8);

This will use the last eight bytes, not just the last six. You can append & 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF if you want only six bytes.

Untested. Check if byte order and endianess is as desired.

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Take care of endianness though. I like this one because it doesn't use string based methods. –  Caramiriel Mar 31 at 19:53

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