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Can a step be repeated in the Django form wizard? I'd like to repeat a step an indefinite number of times depending on the needs of the user.

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The documentation for the form wizard has directions on how to make conditional steps. I used that along with a function factory to make a few hundred conditional steps, so essentially the user can repeat the last step as many times as they want.

from django.contrib.formtools.wizard.views import SessionWizardView
from myapp.forms import BasicInformation, MoreInformation

def function_factory(cond_step):

    def info(wizard):
        cleaned_data = wizard.get_cleaned_data_for_step(str(cond_step)) or {}
        return cleaned_data.get("add_another_step", False)

    return info

def make_condition_stuff(extra, cond_step):
    cond_funcs = {}
    cond_dict = {}
    form_lst = [

    for x in range(extra):
        key1 = "info{0}".format(x)
        cond_funcs[key1] = function_factory(cond_step)
        cond_dict[str(cond_step+1)] = cond_funcs[key1]

    return cond_funcs, cond_dict, form_lst

last_step_before_extras = 1
extra_steps = 300

cond_funcs, cond_dict, form_list = make_condition_stuff(

class InfoWizard(SessionWizardView):
    form_list = form_list
    condition_dict = cond_dict
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